Central Jersey Dustless Blasting helped in the restoration of The Flatiron Building in Westfield, NJ.

Mark Hardy and the team at Central Jersey Dustless Blasting had the honor of being awarded the restoration project of The Flatiron Building located at 44 Elm Street in Westfield, New Jersey.  Above you can see the photos of the building before we removed the paint from the brick and below is the finished product as it appeared in the Tap into Westfield article.

The Devlin Awards program was established in 1992 to honor outstanding efforts in the restoration, expansion, and maintenance of older properties. The awards are made from community nominations by a panel of judges with expertise in history and architecture. The program is named for Harry Devlin, one of the founding judges and a prominent local artist, author, and architectural historian.

Original article in Tap into Westfield:

Historic Preservation Commission to Present Devlin Awards
By Jennifer Jaruzelski
May 30, 2019

Rust Stain Removal in Westfield, NJ

Here is a job we did in Westfield. After an old rusty pipe burst in the basement, the plumber pumped the rusty water down the driveway. The building owner called in someone with a power washer. After that did not work, she called Central Jersey Dustless Blasting. This is the before and after of the driveway with and without the rust stains on the blacktop and concrete.

Sidewalk Curb Paint Removal

If you have had your sidewalk curbs or Belgian Blocks painted and want them looking new again, give Central Jersey Dustless Blasting a call.

Harwood Bench Restoration in Princeton, NJ

When you put 12 coats of polyurethane on 77 Hardwood Benches in Princeton, it will start to fade and peel. We can strip it off the polyurethane with no problem. They look much better after a nice coat of stain and sealer. Please notice that we did not leave a mess and the benches look brand new again.

East River Sea Wall Rust & Mill Scale Removal

Removing rust and mill scale from this hot rolled steel is no problem. These pieces are for a new Sea Wall for the East River.

Commercial Pool Restoration with Dustless Blasting

It does not matter if your commercial pool is made of fiberglass, steel or concrete. Central Jersey Dustless Blasting can remove the paint, primer or rust to give you a like-new pool finish.

Dustless Blasting at the Rail Yard

Central Jersey Dustless Blasting can remove the rust, grease and paint from train rails! And because we are mobile, coming to rail yards is no problem for us!

Paint Removal on an Old Fire Place

This is a small job for Central Jersey Dustless Blasting, but we work with contractors to restore old stone structures. Here we show case the paint removal on an old fire place. Looked new again when we were done!

Fire Damage & Melted Shutters

fire damage

If you have fire damage on a building, Central Jersey Dustless Blasting can help you clean the exterior and even remove melted shutters.