About Us

Central Jersey Dustless Blasting is a mobile paint stripping and surface preparation company located in Clark, New Jersey. We provide an eco-friendly, cost effective way of stripping paint, primer, epoxy, even rust from almost any surface, including, concrete, asphalt, brick, vinyl siding, masonry, stone, fiberglass, steel, aluminum and wood..

This new revolutionary process is not old school sand blasting, as a matter of fact, we never use sand. Sand contains silica, a known cancer causing substance. With our Dustless Blasting method we use a variety of Blast Media from, walnut shell, corn cob, plastic pellets, steel shot, dry ice, although our most popular Blast Media is crushed recycled bottle glass. The reason this is now called Dustless Blasting, is because the Blast Media is being sprayed mixed with a mist of water, the media does the work, the water keeps all particulates down to an absolute minimum.

When most people think of Dustless Blasting, they think of graffiti removal. While performing graffiti removal is no problem for us, we are capable of so much more. Here are just some of the jobs we are capable of doing:

Commercial swimming pool paint removal and surface preparation for new paint. Whether the pool is made of fiberglass, steel or concrete.

We will come to your facility, strip all the old paint, rust stains, and algae from the pool. While doing this we also, profile the substrate material.

When you hear us talking about “profiling material”  what this means is, we etch the material so that when a new surface coating such as primer or paint is applied, it will actually anchor itself to the substrate.

Now that you have a new surface coating anchored to the substrate, it is much more durable and much less likely to peel or blister. Another one of our services is with steel and aluminum manufactures and fabricators. When steel and aluminum are made, then tend to be very smooth. This is the time to profile them, so when they get their first surface coating, it will adhere permanently. The best example of this is, corrugated steel that is laid on open web steel joists. We use many different kinds of blast media and each blast media comes in different grades (sizes), when it comes to profiling, we have no problem achieving the proper effect.

Paint stripping from other surfaces such as brick, concrete and asphalt is easily done. In these cases because the surfaces are naturally rough, profiling is not a concern. When it comes to certain jobs where you do not want to have a profiling effect, this to is no problem. If someone has put a surface coating on steel or aluminum and you want it removed and no future surface coating will be applied, we use a softer, finer blast media.

There is so much more that we do. For your specific job, just contact us.

Thank You,
Mark R. Hardy, Owner
Central Jersey Dustless Blasting