Mark Hardy and his team at Central Jersey Dustless Blasting provide an eco-friendly, cost-effective way of stripping paint, primer, epoxy and even rust from almost any surface; including, concrete, asphalt, brick, vinyl siding, masonry, stone, fiberglass, steel, aluminum and wood.

Here are our most popular services:

  • Graffiti and paint removal: We safely remove graffiti and paint from brick, mortar and concrete buildings.
  • Parking lot line stripe removal: Don’t gouge your asphalt or concrete. We remove parking lot stripes and walkways quickly and safely.
  • Wood restoration: Restore your wood down to a natural stage ready for primer or refinishing without damaging the wood.
  • Masonry and concrete cleaning: We clean concrete and masonry more efficiently than any power washer could – and it’s dustless!
  • Truck trailer restoration: We strip paint and decals from aluminum trailers without damaging or warping the aluminum – ready for rebranding!
  • Marine restoration: Whether it’s fiberglass, aluminum or steel hull, we have no problems stripping paint without damage.
  • Commercial kitchen cleaning: We use our dry-ice blasting to clean oil, grease, dirt from any kitchen, bottling plant or pharmaceutical space – with no mess!
  • Municipality services: Fire hydrant stripping, line stripe removal, concrete cleaning, graffiti removal from municipal buildings and schools!
  • Industrial steel preparation: We specialize in surface preparation of industrial steel for proper surface coating.
  • Fire damage restoration: We remove fire damage, smoke damage or odor from any surface – including concrete!
  • State and government services: Concrete and railroad bridge cleaning, highway stripe removal and commuter and rest area parking lots!
  • Pool restoration and cleaning: Concrete etching for paint or tile and vinyl cleaning and algae removal.
  • Dry-ice blasting: Dry-ice blasting is 100% dustless, mess-less, eco-friendly, non-abrasive, nonflammable and nonconductive cleaning method suited for indoor paint stripping and clean-up that is FDA, EPA and USDA approved for use in the food industry.

How does dry-ice blasting work?

In the illustration above, you see that when the pellets contact the surface, the pellets penetrate the contaminant, and in a process known as sublimation, they transform from a solid to a gas expanding more than 800 times. The expansion helps lift the contaminants off the surface leaving a clean surface and minimal residue for clean-up.

If you don’t see a service above that you are looking for, please contact us. Chances are that we just haven’t added it to the list yet.