Take a look at real footage of the services that Central Jersey Dustless Blasting can also do for you. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Remove parking lot line stripes:
Attention property managers! You do NOT have to gouge or paint over parking lot or crosswalk stripes! Central Jersey Dustless Blasting will remove the old stripes or paint leaving you with clean blacktop asphalt ready to be re-stripped! Save time and money!

Paint and cement removal from brick wall:
At Central Jersey Dustless Blasting we can remove cement from on top of brick exposing and without damaging the brick or mortar at all.

Rust removal from steel:
Central Jersey Dustless Blasting can remove rust from steel without wearing the steel thin, while preparing it for a fresh coat of paint or treatment to prevent future rusting.

Epoxy paint removal from concrete:
Here is an example of how Central Jersey Dustless Blasting can remove layers as tough as epoxy off of cement leaving a natural look or a wall ready for fresh new paint.

Remove paint from cement wall:
Watch Mark Hardy or Central Jersey Dustless Blasting removal paint off a cement wall. This is great from basements, commercial properties, concrete flooring and any other cement surface you want to refinish.

Paint Removal from a 34ft Sea Ray boat:
Central Jersey Dustless Blasting offers boat and marine equipment blasting that is eco-friendly and doesn’t damage the fiberglass finish or warp metals.

Remove paint red cedar siding:
This is an example of how we can remove chipping paint off sensitive material like cedar siding. Don’t just layer up the paint – it will chip again!

Remove paint on a stamped concrete driveway:
Great example of how to to remove paint from stamped concrete without scarring and leaving the original clean finish.

Remove rust on steal beam:
Steel cleaning, rust removal and texturing or etching for new paint or treatment is easy! And our dustless blasting will not make the steel thinner to reduce the structural integrity!